Money is not the most important thing in life, but the lack of it is usually the source of problems in our personal lives, our family relations, and our friendships… which always affect our ability to be content, focused, happy.

How would you feel if you had more than enough money to:

People believe that these results are elusive, or reserved for the "special" people in the world. This false belief keeps them poor and unsuccessful all their lives. Many successful people today started out with less than zero and designed lives filled with money and happiness for themselves. They learned early in life that money is simply an idea in our minds, and they simply had to start thinking like successful people to become one of them.

It all comes down to… Who are you listening to?

Poor people are only poor forever because they listen only to poor people with poor ideas and beliefs. The people who can't climb the career ladder are that way because they keep the ideas, beliefs and company of employees who only want to get by. Business people who fail in their ventures only do so because they never take the time out to find proven ways to succeed and then implement them.


Now here's the crucial question…

If you truly need money to:

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